Our office provides a range of services to journalists and deals with all areas of NMAG's media work.

Please note that general enquiries commercial organisations and members of the public cannot be dealt with by the press relations team. For general enquiries, please contact info@nmag.co.uk

How to contact Press Relations

We're open from 08:30 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, with the exception of national holidays.

  • For all general press enquiries during opening hours, info@nmag.co.uk
  • For urgent press enquiries outside these hours, email urgent@nmag.co.uk
  • Alternatively you can email us at press@nmag.co.uk

How to submit articles and stories

We publish and comment on third-party press reports and articles of likely interest to our website visitors.  If you have a relevant article to offer please send it with information on the author and intent to press@nmag.co.uk

Media Information Centre

How to keep up on developments in the NMAG’s work

If you want to be kept informed of updates to our website, including press releases, reports and publications, you can subscribe to our news feed.

How to arrange an interview with someone from NMAG

Any interview requests can be scheduled through our office. Interviews are approved selectively and we are willing to discuss opportunities for writing articles on particular topics.

Video & photographic media

We maintain out NMAG TV archive of video and photographic media related to motorists' interest.  If you are seeking link to, license and use any of video media and imagery as seen in articles or published media, please contact press@nmag.co.uk

Individual contacts

Rupert Lipton


38 Swain's Lane,
London N6 6QR

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