The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency is the Agency of the Department for Transport which holds and administers the information about all of our vehicles and their keepers and also about every motorist's driving licence.

The databases and administration of the DVLA have been repeatedly found wanting for accuracy and efficiency. The data, originally used primarily for the essential purpose of assisting police in connection with criminal enquiries and roadside stops, now feeds an Orwellian system of automated enforcement which includes often improper bailiff activities and, increasingly racketeering extortion activities of some Private Parking Companies (PPCs).

The data received from the public is not and is often late which extensively permits enforcement by ticketing, bailiff and, private parking activity to be wrongly visited on innocent motorists who have little or no redress against the contributory involvement of the DVLA.

NMAG’s problems with the DVLA

It is an intolerable situation that the DVLA administers the private personal data of motorists on an extremely profitable industrial  basis which involves:

  • Careless and potentially criminal release of our personal data
  • A high-handed uncontrolled operation of the law according to its own dubious interpretation
  • Enormous gaps in the integrity of our personal data, especially in connection with vehicles held in the motor trade
  • Major administrative problems with sale of Cherished Number and their transfers

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