NMAG (pronounced en-mag), is a force to represent Britain’s motorists and provide them with an authoritative, well-informed voice.  We aim to help motorists find information and support to protect and further their interests and rights in motoring matters.

NMAG is concerned with many issues including parking rules and unfair enforcement, speed limits and unfair enforcement, congestion charging, problems with the DVLA and private land parking, fuel taxation, and issues such as road works nuisance.

By harnessing the latent power of 36 million motorists we can compel local and national politicians to take proper account of our needs and end the unfairness in policies that they foist upon us.

We are not against controls and regulation for the sake of it but, like many long-suffering motorists, we are tired of over-regulation, petty and disproportionate enforcement and being treated like a bottomless cash-point for local authorities and the Treasury.

Environmental, quality of life and road safety issues associated with motoring must be managed but there is a proper democratic process for creating the reasonable and necessary laws, taxes and duties that motorists should observe and pay. Taxation by the back door and politically-motivated motoring-related policies are wrong, undemocratic and unfair.

Lobbying and Legal Actions

NMAG will provide and create funding for the Motorists’ Legal Challenge Fund.  The only way to influence and change bad policy is often by challenging it in the courts. The fund’s purpose it to support important cases and judicial review challenges that would otherwise not happen because of the prohibitive costs of achieving justice.

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